Teach a Lion How to Roar

picture links While  talking to  my dear prayer partner this morning the concept of  unpacking the words that we hear from God in prayer came up. Ofetn times we may  hear from God  by the Holy Spirit through scripture  or maybe in a conversation where you are talking about our dear Father whose is listening so lovingly.    ” You will teach a lion how to roar” I heard the Holy spirit say  this to me in prayer a week ago . I thought to myself ,Wow what does that mean  and kind of went on to the next subject. Well it came back  in our conversation this morning and  my friend and I began to unpack the word. When we think of the roar of a lion what first comes to mind is sheer terror. Your mind can wander to the heart pounding  possibilities fear presents.  But there is a greater lion that possesses perfect love that casts out fear. The Lion of Judah our Savior Jesus! The lion of Judah is a forerunner , the leader of the pack of praisers. This kind of  praise can reduce the terrible  fear of a lion’s roar to a kitten’s meow.  The question I ponder , what if we  took on the perfect love of Christ in every moment,  and that love so overwhelmed us with His presence ,power and authority   that we would begin to ROAR in praise . That is exciting to me!  Beloved you are a loved child of God and He will use all of us to teach a lion how to roar.

Abundant Love,


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