Lately I have purposely unwrapped my dreams that were stored up thoughts for the day when I had more time, money and people to cheer me on to get it done! I am laughing but that is true for many of us! One of my dreams is to be in a physical and spiritual place where I can say  what Jesus said ” and he (Satin) has nothing in me” John 14:30(NKJV) . Imagine a place, a people, a community, a city, a nation with nothing in common with the enemy! Can you picture it? No sickness, disease, poverty, lack or any other garden variety of chaos and crazy, yes Jesus I’m there with you!

As we enter into this First Passover and Easter season , that is the very gift Jesus gave us. A gift  that is not unwrapped can never really be enjoyed. Jesus has All power and he invites us to partner with him to unwrap this gift and taste and see.

In the hospital setting where I work part time Jesus the healer has come and I have seen stroke patients receive healing and restored movement, pain completely healed and many other miraculous events. In my prayer conversation time with God I asked Papa how come I don’t see as many healing miracles in the schools , children desperately need you? The Holy Spirit gently answered , You are not expecting me there . That same day, off I went on a Holy experiment, there was a child I had been seeking God for. He had one leg shorter than the other and his mother worked many hours saving up money to pay for the surgery to adjust his leg. The surgery costs thousands of dollars, I thought to myself on the verge of anger,  why should a mom have to work so hard to have her son be able to walk and live as others do without a thought? The young man and three other children were in my office learning and talking. Long story short, the children, when they heard and saw the leg discrepancy of their friend they were not afraid to believe and partner with Jesus and pray that their friends’ leg  would grow out the two inches it needed to match the other. With eyes open ( so they wouldn’t miss the leg growing) they prayed and the leg grew out nearly even to the other! The kids went wild praising God I had to quiet them down, after all we were in school. The boy looked at his legs propped up on the chairs and yelled out its’ 90%! The children jumped back in , praying in unison “Thank you Jesus 100%,  leg grow out!” They checked it again it was 99% , maybe centimeters off!!! Yeah Jesus! Now came my part, I had to have faith and courage to call his mom and give her the praise report. She was overjoyed and promised to measure his legs and let me know what she found and then return to the doctor. I am believing their love and hearts will be full and turned toward Our loving God who restores! Imagine the joy and the things that family can do if mom had time to be home not working doubles to save for something Jesus healed in her son.

Let me add, two of the three children praying for their friend had aches and stuffy noses from a cold. In the process of prayer they received immediate healing. What are you dreaming?

Abundant love,




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