I am sitting at my computer and I begin feeling my creative side.  The imagery of words and their meaning occupy my mind and delight me in a time I need to see goodness.  There is friendship, relationship, stewardship, discipleship, sponsorship but loveship?? For me it’s a word I want in my repertoire. So many people we pass by in a day, we may read about them , see them or even talk about them.  As my fiftieth year approaches , I am catching on to the one thing that feeds , satisfies and sustains my life, that one thing is love! We are hard-wired to give away and receive love. When I am actively in the process of thinking of and loving on others there’s a sense of well-being that transcends the problems and chaos of daily life. Like my friend, pictured here on the left, we have a loveship that makes me smile when I think of, pray for and love on her and her family.

On this very day where I heard clearly the direction of my loving Papa say to me as I asked Him for help and strength for the day.  Go low and slow ,my heart melted as it received the answer I needed. As the day started, I committed myself, despite my mountainous to-do list to go low and slow and hear the voice of a loving Holy Spirit. One of my twelve-year-old students came in to the office with more problems than he had breath to speak. You see this child does not feel loved or received at home. I would venture to say it’s not because his parent doesn’t love him. Maybe the stress and strain of life cause aggravation, trouble and even brokenness that trickles down in every direction including this son. By the time we had finished together, this young man who knew Jesus from afar encountered Him in a LOVESHIP. He was healed of a headache and a heartache with just one touch. The touch did not come from me but from the Father who comes for His children , especially when they invite Him. This young man experienced the great love and satisfaction in learning to go before God for  yourself. We are never too young or too old to get in a loveship. Do you need an encounter with God?

Abundant Loveship


3 Comments on “Loveship

  1. Oh, how beautiful this was. Thank you. I will share and read a few more times! Jennie


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