A Teacher’s Rap- in the midst of school violence


Lately I marvel as my students rise to new levels in the midst of fears, of the realities of life in schools today. Peer pressure, negative comparisons and the overwhelming emotions to have to  process related to tragic deaths, can be part of each precious child’s reality. How are they dealing with it? Rallying  for each other creating kindness communities, seeing and caring for one another, that’s one of many ways I have witnessed.  One  seventh grader wrote ” Well we’re here to make a change and have this all erase. We are trying to make kids come to school with smiles on their face.”

How can we as adults be there for the children and one another? Our eyes , ears and hearts have experienced the same heart breaking events. Though I am a Speech/Language Pathologist, not a school teacher my identity is firmly in the power and love of God who is able to do all things, especially healing.

Here is my Teacher’s Rap

Today is the day! You give it your all, show up, smile and team play!

But no one really knows your back is against the wall.

Be it health, loved ones, finance or relationship, it can feel like a battle that can cause your life to rip.

“ I’m going down, but no wait!” Not with a frown but a nervous smile that I want all to see. Does anyone really care what’s going on inside of me?

WE DO!!! Build UP, Cheer UP , Speak UP, that’s the name of this life’s game, coming out of  ourselves to improve someone else’s name. Your kind, your nice, I like the way you did that! Kindness goes a long way to encourage another’s step.

Let me explain a little further so you can see  just how we rep!

It doesn’t cost a thing to cheer someone’s day, everyone , yes including you need a little help along the way.

Finally to thine own self be true, so many negative messages, they don’t belong to you!

You have been created fearfully and wonderfully, a miracle at least!

Rehearse the truth to yourself , it’s lifes’ biggest treasure.

Speak Up to and for yourself and receive and give love without measure!

Abundant Love,




I am sitting at my computer and I begin feeling my creative side.  The imagery of words and their meaning occupy my mind and delight me in a time I need to see goodness.  There is friendship, relationship, stewardship, discipleship, sponsorship but loveship?? For me it’s a word I want in my repertoire. So many people we pass by in a day, we may read about them , see them or even talk about them.  As my fiftieth year approaches , I am catching on to the one thing that feeds , satisfies and sustains my life, that one thing is love! We are hard-wired to give away and receive love. When I am actively in the process of thinking of and loving on others there’s a sense of well-being that transcends the problems and chaos of daily life. Like my friend, pictured here on the left, we have a loveship that makes me smile when I think of, pray for and love on her and her family.

On this very day where I heard clearly the direction of my loving Papa say to me as I asked Him for help and strength for the day.  Go low and slow ,my heart melted as it received the answer I needed. As the day started, I committed myself, despite my mountainous to-do list to go low and slow and hear the voice of a loving Holy Spirit. One of my twelve-year-old students came in to the office with more problems than he had breath to speak. You see this child does not feel loved or received at home. I would venture to say it’s not because his parent doesn’t love him. Maybe the stress and strain of life cause aggravation, trouble and even brokenness that trickles down in every direction including this son. By the time we had finished together, this young man who knew Jesus from afar encountered Him in a LOVESHIP. He was healed of a headache and a heartache with just one touch. The touch did not come from me but from the Father who comes for His children , especially when they invite Him. This young man experienced the great love and satisfaction in learning to go before God for  yourself. We are never too young or too old to get in a loveship. Do you need an encounter with God?

Abundant Loveship


A Passion to Be

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Woods , sunlight , trees, breezes don’t need instruction about  being passionate for what they are created to be! Trees, first  they exist  as a seed, then they receive ( sunlight, nutrients) ,grow  and when they have gotten size and strength from God the Creator, then they  provide shade, fruit and change the atmosphere.

Jesus the Savior climbed up the mountain side, sat down and taught the very thing He died to give us! Known as the Beatitudes, Jesus gave us the profound life message of how to Be. Matthew 5: 3-14 The Savior  takes us through our very being and what we experience in life . God is eternally good and does not cause the circumstances of life that  just happen, but He instructs  us on how to  come through , BE blessed!  The hebrew meaning of the word blessed in the bible means happy. 

Blessed , happy  are the poor in spirit or humble, the kingdom of heaven is theirs.

Blessed, happy are those who hunger and thirst for righteousness for they will be filled.

Blessed , happy are the peacemakers for they will be called sons of God.

Today I pray for you to Be  and receive from Jesus the blessing of happy no matter what you face because He won  the victory for you and for me!

Abundance and Love,



via Daily Prompt: Heal

Love and healing go together like an orange and a peel. To see people healed and set free from sickness, poverty and lack is my hearts’ desire!


Lately I have purposely unwrapped my dreams that were stored up thoughts for the day when I had more time, money and people to cheer me on to get it done! I am laughing but that is true for many of us! One of my dreams is to be in a physical and spiritual place where I can say  what Jesus said ” and he (Satin) has nothing in me” John 14:30(NKJV) . Imagine a place, a people, a community, a city, a nation with nothing in common with the enemy! Can you picture it? No sickness, disease, poverty, lack or any other garden variety of chaos and crazy, yes Jesus I’m there with you!

As we enter into this First Passover and Easter season , that is the very gift Jesus gave us. A gift  that is not unwrapped can never really be enjoyed. Jesus has All power and he invites us to partner with him to unwrap this gift and taste and see.

In the hospital setting where I work part time Jesus the healer has come and I have seen stroke patients receive healing and restored movement, pain completely healed and many other miraculous events. In my prayer conversation time with God I asked Papa how come I don’t see as many healing miracles in the schools , children desperately need you? The Holy Spirit gently answered , You are not expecting me there . That same day, off I went on a Holy experiment, there was a child I had been seeking God for. He had one leg shorter than the other and his mother worked many hours saving up money to pay for the surgery to adjust his leg. The surgery costs thousands of dollars, I thought to myself on the verge of anger,  why should a mom have to work so hard to have her son be able to walk and live as others do without a thought? The young man and three other children were in my office learning and talking. Long story short, the children, when they heard and saw the leg discrepancy of their friend they were not afraid to believe and partner with Jesus and pray that their friends’ leg  would grow out the two inches it needed to match the other. With eyes open ( so they wouldn’t miss the leg growing) they prayed and the leg grew out nearly even to the other! The kids went wild praising God I had to quiet them down, after all we were in school. The boy looked at his legs propped up on the chairs and yelled out its’ 90%! The children jumped back in , praying in unison “Thank you Jesus 100%,  leg grow out!” They checked it again it was 99% , maybe centimeters off!!! Yeah Jesus! Now came my part, I had to have faith and courage to call his mom and give her the praise report. She was overjoyed and promised to measure his legs and let me know what she found and then return to the doctor. I am believing their love and hearts will be full and turned toward Our loving God who restores! Imagine the joy and the things that family can do if mom had time to be home not working doubles to save for something Jesus healed in her son.

Let me add, two of the three children praying for their friend had aches and stuffy noses from a cold. In the process of prayer they received immediate healing. What are you dreaming?

Abundant love,




Challenging my View

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On a walk one day around the building I noticed this exquisite cactus sitting  alone on a window sill. The quills were tremendous but as I studied its’ beauty I realized it was as beautiful as  it was  prickly!  Life is changing so suddenly for many of us! These changes are wrought with challenges to how we  view things.  Sometimes the challenge  comes and I get frightened. ” Here it is!  This is way more than I am able to do.” my mind will say  to my heart . I have a choice on what I do with it.  I find it necessary to redirect my focus and speak to myself about what I know. Most of us are familiar with the scripture Ephesians 3:20 Now unto him that is able to do exceeding abundantly above all that we ask or think  according to the power that worketh in us. When we come upon a challenge or task that seems too big it doesn’t mean we are small it means our God is good and bigger than we could ask or think. The game  changer is ” according to the power that works in us”. That tells me Papa is invested in loving me to face the most insurmountable challenges.! I breathe deep and remember what Heidi Baker has said many times, “I can’t He can so we will! Let’s get it!!!!

Abundant Love,


Teach a Lion How to Roar

picture links While  talking to  my dear prayer partner this morning the concept of  unpacking the words that we hear from God in prayer came up. Ofetn times we may  hear from God  by the Holy Spirit through scripture  or maybe in a conversation where you are talking about our dear Father whose is listening so lovingly.    ” You will teach a lion how to roar” I heard the Holy spirit say  this to me in prayer a week ago . I thought to myself ,Wow what does that mean  and kind of went on to the next subject. Well it came back  in our conversation this morning and  my friend and I began to unpack the word. When we think of the roar of a lion what first comes to mind is sheer terror. Your mind can wander to the heart pounding  possibilities fear presents.  But there is a greater lion that possesses perfect love that casts out fear. The Lion of Judah our Savior Jesus! The lion of Judah is a forerunner , the leader of the pack of praisers. This kind of  praise can reduce the terrible  fear of a lion’s roar to a kitten’s meow.  The question I ponder , what if we  took on the perfect love of Christ in every moment,  and that love so overwhelmed us with His presence ,power and authority   that we would begin to ROAR in praise . That is exciting to me!  Beloved you are a loved child of God and He will use all of us to teach a lion how to roar.

Abundant Love,


Coming out of the narrow place

The narrow place can be a season in your life where you have to change your way of doing things. It can be spending habits, a pattern of worrying,  founded proof  for scepticism which may have served you in the past. In this narrow place none of that stuff works so you have to begin to change. Think differently about your circumstances and do a reality check. I am there right now! My life has changed tremendously in the last year, new position,  new ministry,  new business and plenty of encouragement from a loving God! He does bid you to come out of your predicable safe places not to harm you. No!!! He is wooing us to higher ground so that you can be overcome with blessings (deuteronomy 28:2). God is chasing you with goodness! No matter the discomfort come out of the narrow place and receive good.

Abundant blessings,


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